Welcome to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2015!

Dear violinists, viola players, cellists and pianists and established chamber music ensembles.

We invite you to participate at Hvide Sande Masterclass 2015, HSMC,  where you will work with highly competent professors, perform and listen to concerts and meet other young musicians and friends from all over the world. And last but not least, you will enjoy yourselves in one of the most beautiful spots of Denmark.

With Elisabeth Zeuthen Schneider, Helge Slaatto, Claus Myrup, Henrik Brendstrup, Hans Jørgen Jensen and José Ribera, the teaching at Hvide Sande Masterclass is placed in the most competent hands.

Hvide Sande Masterclass is an international masterclass, open all week to listeners - to whom admission is free. Music teachers and their students are welcome to listen to the master class and concerts as well. 

The principal language of instruction is English.

HSMC is an international masterclass, open all week to listeners