Welcome to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2023. 16.-23. September

At Hvide Sande Masterclass 2023 you will have the opportunity to play and listen to highly qualified classical music at 10 public concerts. The music will be played by the masterclass professors and this year’s eminent participants. The participants in Hvide Sande Masterclass will be chosen by the masterclass professors in an application process among the very best young classical talents here and abroad. Apply here!

Focus will be on chamber music interplay but also on solo performance. The masterclass professors will teach solo lessons, join the chamber music ensembles, interplaying with the young musicians, and coach the established ensembles in the masterclass lessons, as well as join in the concerts. In this way the young musicians will be inspired to continued personal and musical development.

For 17 years Hvide Sande Masterclass has made its name as a powerful centre for spreading the knowledge of classical music to a new audience in western Jutland. Here the experience of the beautiful, harsh landscape splendidly complements the experience of classical music at a high national and international level.

Here, by meeting other young musicians from all over the world, young classical talents from Danish music academies have been inspired to further studies through personal friendships, chamber music interplay and the many joint concerts, all of which is the effect of staying and studying with eminent professors at Hvide Sande Masterclass.

Year after year, people from all over the country as well as tourists have flocked to Hvide Sande Masterclass to attend the many concerts and the open rehearsals. It is our intention to continue and strengthen this work by arranging Hvide Sande Masterclass – also in 2023.

I am very happy to be allowed to welcome you all to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2023. You, the hopeful, young, hand-picked musician who have fought to rehearse all the many, difficult works. You, dear professor, who come with your many years of experience from numerous concerts and hours with your instrument. And of course you, who come to experience the music in all its glory in a completely different concert hall. I hope you will have an invigorating musical experience which you can look forward to and happily look back on.

Sigrid Kongshøj-Munch has been project manager at Hvide Sande Masterclass since 2020.. She is a violist and violinist, and a music teacher, educated at The Royal Danish Academy of Music where she finished her master’s degree in 2015. She has played several solo-, chamber music- and orchestra concerts, first performances, as well as recordings and television and theatrical productions. Sigrid is a member of Trio con Spirito. She has played in The Danish Radio Symphony Orchestra, The Royal Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and held the position as violist in Ensemble Storstrøm on a 6 month contract. Since August 2018 she has been employed at Tårnby Music School.