Welcome to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2024.
September 13th-21st.

At Hvide Sande Masterclass 2024, a unique opportunity awaits you to experience and immerse yourself in classical music through 10 public concerts. These concerts feature performances by both masters in the music world and this year’s exceptional young talents. The young musicians participating in Hvide Sande Masterclass are carefully selected through an application process, where masterclass professors choose the most promising classical talents, both nationally and internationally. Applications can be submitted here.

The focus of the masterclass extends beyond chamber music collaboration to include solo performances. Masterclass professors provide solo lessons, participate in chamber music ensembles with the young musicians, coach established groups during masterclass sessions, and perform at the concerts. This creates a unique dynamic that inspires young musicians for continuous personal and musical development.

The annual theme – Rued Langgaard

This year, there will be a Rued Langgaard concert on Thursday, September 19th, featuring some of his famous and lesser-known works. We aim to highlight our Danish composers, offering concert-goers an experience of the beauty within Denmark’s musical treasure and introducing young talents from around the world to the richness of Danish musical life. Therefore, Rued Langgaard’s music will be featured in several of this year’s 10 concerts, particularly in the Rued Langgaard Concert.

Peace concert at Flugt, Refugee Museum

The world has become an uncertain place in recent years, and many people are currently refugees. Music is a unifying and peace-building element, so we are organizing a special peace concert at the Flugt Museum. The year’s two Ukrainian musicians will play a significant role, sharing music from Ukraine.


For 18 years, Hvide Sande Masterclass has established itself as a powerhouse for the dissemination and promotion of classical music in West Jutland. The beautiful, rugged nature blends seamlessly with the experience of classical music at the highest level. Young talents from Danish music conservatories, in collaboration with musicians from around the world, have been inspired for further studies through personal friendships, chamber music collaboration, and joint concerts under the guidance of the outstanding professors at Hvide Sande Masterclass.

Every year, audiences from across the country and tourists flock to attend the numerous concerts and open masterclass sessions at Hvide Sande Masterclass. The intention is to continue and strengthen this cultural effort by hosting Hvide Sande Masterclass in 2024, creating a memorable experience for all music enthusiasts.


“It is a great pleasure for me to welcome you all to Hvide Sande Masterclass 2024. You, the hopeful, young, handpicked musician, who has struggled to master the many challenging pieces. You, dear professor, bringing years of experience from countless concerts and hours with your instrument. And of course, you, who come to experience the music in full bloom in a completely different concert hall. I hope you will have a revitalizing musical experience, one that you can eagerly anticipate returning to (or experiencing again) and fondly look back upon.”
Since 2020, Sigrid Kongshøj-Munch has been the project manager at Hvide Sande Masterclass, also serving as artistic director since 2023. She is a trained violist and violinist, music communicator, and music educator at the Royal Danish Academy of Music, where she completed her bachelor’s degree in 2015. She has played numerous solo, chamber music, and orchestral concerts, premieres, and recordings, as well as TV and theater productions. Sigrid is a member of Trio con Spirito and has performed in the DR Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Danish Orchestra, Copenhagen Phil, and held a contract as a violist in the Aalborg Symphony Orchestra and Ensemble Storstrøm. Since August 2018, she has been permanently employed at Tårnby Music School.